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David Calvo juggles and solves Rubik’s Cubes (by rastarubik

Still thinking about dubstep. So here’s one that is pretty sick. I remember Taelon being into “Inception” last year so enjoy.

I noticed that Rob had posted a dubstep video and how he was talking about how there will be another, “Teach Me How To…” video. So I thought I might post a little how to + dubstep. WOO

MEGA SLAP! (by TheVikes999) Made this video while at my friend Max’s house. Didn’t actually slap him don’t worry.

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Lego Illusion - by Chelsea Violet


Lego Illusion - by Chelsea Violet

Sangría sin alcohol Reflexion

Ingredientes en las Sangrías sin alcohol

3 tazas de jugo de uvas
¾ taza de jugo de manzanas
½ taza de jugo de naranja
1 cuchara de jugo de limón
1 limón, cortada en rodajas con la piel
½ lima, cortada en rodajas con la piel
1 naranja mediana, cortada en rodajas con la piel
1 manzana pequeña, sin el centro, cortada en octavos, con la piel
1 ciruela pequeña, fileteada, con la piel
2-3 tazas de agua mineral con gas o soda, a gusto

En este recepa nosotros trabajamos en un grupo por que es solamente un bebida en una jarra. En este recepa nosotros acaba de cortamos las frutas y ponimos el jugo en un jarra. Perro a pesar de que mas piezas de fruta en la bebida es como tu bebas la bebida. Las sangrías sin alcohol era muy deliciosas.

Salsa Roja Reflexion

En mi clase de español hemos hecho salso. Nosotros dividimos en dos grupos. Un grupo haciendo salsa roja y un grupo haciendo salsa verde. Yo era en el grupo de salsa roja. El primero cosa mi grupo se fue nosotros leimos los instructions de la receta. Y despues nosotros leimos la receta nos fuemos a cortamos las hortalizas y ponío los ingredientes en una licuadora. Cuando todos los ingredientes fuiron en una forma de salsa. Nosotros ponimos la salsa en la refrigerador y esperamos hasta la salsa era frio. Entonces nosotros tenemos las fichas y comimos la salsa. 

Yo pienso este actividad era muy divertido por que yo me gusta haciondo comida. Y este era muy divertido por que en un punto Max comió un jalepeño y era muy comico por que jalepeños son mas caliente y Max no crea que es verdad.

Ingredientes en salsa roja

 * 8 tomates Romas    * 1 diente de ajo
   * 1 chile jalapeño pequeño
   * 1 racimo cilantro
   * 1 cucharadita de sal

Taffy Makers 1 - Burnt Sugar 0

This year in science we have been looking at chemistry. While looking at that Carwai brought up the idea of also looking at the different stages of sugar. What we did first was looking up the stages of sugar. We found out that there are seven stages of sugar, the lowest being at a temperature of 223°F and the hottest stage before the sugar becoming burnt at 320°F. We then looked at the different candies that can be made out of each different stage. Then we got into groups based on what we wanted to make. I ended up being in a group with Tati and Sydney. We decided that we would make taffy. Once every other group had decided on what they wanted to try and make. We each chose a day that we would try and make our candies. Our group was going on the last day because we had to order flavorings for our salt-water taffy and that didn’t show up till the day before.

As groups started to work on their candies, groups were finding out that making candies is a lot harder then we thought. Making burnt sugar on the other hand… very easy. Most groups were finding it difficult to wait for there sugar to cook and the temperature to rise gradually, so they turned the heat up. The problem with that was then the temperature shot past what it needed to be and they ended up with burnt sugar. So when we were making our taffy, Tati made sure that the level of heat never went higher than six because she wanted to make sure that ours was one of the candies that people wouldn’t actually mind eating. So we watched our sugar boil for a long time. But, once it reached the temperature that we needed, we made sure to take it out right away and pour it into a bowl. This was when the more or less difficult part came. We had to put in flavoring and food coloring so that it looked like legit candy. Then we had to pull the taffy. This was quite painful because the taffy was still like 150 degrees and it would burn your finger tips. The problem was that we left the taffy in for a little long so we had to pull it fast or else it would harden and then it wouldn’t really be taffy. Once we had attempted to stretch it out, it ended up hardening and it was pretty much hard candy. Even though it didn’t turn out how we thought it was going to, it was a hole lot better than burnt sugar. 

If we could change a few things about what we did the first thing would be to try and take the taffy off a little sooner. I think that even though we took it right off, it kept on heating up so if we had taken it off like 10 or 15 degrees before we had to that would’ve been better. Another thing that I would have also changed was the flavoring amount that we used. I think that it would’ve been better to use a lot more flavoring because even though it still tasted good, our taffy didn’t really have the flavors that we had tried to make. Other than those two things everything else went really well. Something that I really liked though was when we were trying to make the apple taffy and put in a lot of green food coloring so it was like really green and it just looked sick.

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Lego Ads
Advertising Agency: FCB Johannesburg, South Africa
via: itlego


Lego Ads

Advertising Agency: FCB Johannesburg, South Africa

via: itlego

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‘Cooling Off’ by Skylar Hogan


Cooling Off’ by Skylar Hogan

Mock Trial 2011 Reflection

This year the 7th graders and the 8th graders did another mock trial. Last year we did the trial on the Scopes Monkey trial which was about someone who was arrested for teaching evolution even though it was against the Butler Act. Last year the trial was quite scripted and we pretty much just read what was in the packet and added a few things. This year, the case was a lot less scripted. The case though was about a girl named Monica Hewitt who was blamed for the murder of Jennifer White (I was the defense in case you were wondering) who died in a skydiving accident when her chutes failed to open. They thought it was Ms. Hewitt because they found a smudged fingerprint on the pack, and Ms. White was dating an ex-boyfriend of Ms. Hewitt. Many other things played into this main idea. There was the manager of Blue Skies (the skydiving club) who thought he saw Monica looking at her ex and Jennifer kiss. There was Monica’s ex who’s name was Robert Diamond. And there was the crime scene investigation police women, Sandra Rothstien. They all played very important roles, like Martin (the manager) said that he saw Monica looking at Jennifer and Robert kissing at around 7:00 but she said she got there at 7:30. The important part about that fact was that the car was far away, Martin wasn’t wearing his glasses and the fact that he said he saw a Honda but Monica said that she drove a Camry.

The first thing that John Fraher told us when we were about to get started with the mock trial was that last year was to scripted. This year we would be writing our own opening or closings statements and some of the examinations. The first thing we did do though was get split up into the defense side and the prosecution side. The defense went with Kasra Sadr who was also a lawyer like John Fraher and the prosecution went with John. We also then split up into groups of two. I was partnered with Brianna. We then chose which parts of the trial we were going to do. There was the option of doing a closing or opening statement and the option of either doing two cross examinations or one direct cross examination and one cross examination. I ended up getting the closing statement and one direct examination and one cross. I was quite happy about getting the closing statement. This is because in your opening statement you have to talk about the case, and why your person is innocent with out being too argumentative. The closing statement however, you get to say whatever you like, you can tell the jury that the prosecution has been telling them lies about the whole trial. You can do whatever. But, once we had gotten our different parts, we then went over the important facts and what questions we should ask our witnesses. This was very fun because Kasra was a very nice and funny guy. He would tell us how to make the jury laugh and like you and your client. He also told us how his partner always told him that he had to fit the word ‘cheeseburger’ into his closing statement every time. That also got a few laughs and some people inspired to use statements like, “That time gap, is a hamburger sized hole in the information.” We also tried to come up with ways to fit cookies in and it was really a very enjoyable time.

Whenever I would get home from a day working on mock trial, I would go over my notes a read everything I wrote down. One nigh I had written everything, my questions and my closing statement. The next day we went into the mock trial practice and that night, I rewrote everything, my questions and my closing statement. I really enjoyed getting to write my own questions and my own closing statement. It could be whatever you wanted it. You weren’t following a script. You got to make it sort of fit you. You didn’t have to read something that you wouldn’t actually say to a witness. You got to make it whatever really. 

In all this was a very fun experience. On the final day everyone was well prepared and we all gave it our all. Brianna and I though, our client was innocent unanimously. That felt really good and it felt like I had put the time into my work to get that goal. What I did for homework was mostly only mock trial. I read it over and I was really happy with how it all turned out. I also would really like to thank everyone who helped out with it, the 5th and 6th grade jury, all of our witnesses who were played by teachers and mostly John Fraher and Kasra Sadr who acted as our judges. 

Debates Reflection

This year we decided to try and have some debates. Why we came to this idea was because many people were bored and didn’t like having to do project, finish it then another project right after. So someone suggested the idea that we do debates. So what we did was we wrote down a bunch of ideas on the whiteboard about interesting things that we would like to debate about. We each would then take our side for the debate and study our side for a day or two then comeback a talk about our thoughts about each subject and discuss what we though. The two topics that we have discussed so far was, capital punishment and the US intervention in Libya. We also have been trying to fit in a debate about when a child becomes and adult but we have had a busy schedule.

The first debate that we did was the debate about capital punishment. What we did was we each chose sides, those who supported it and those who didn’t (though some people decided to argue against what they actually believed to see the other side). We then spent the next couple of days researching what happened in capital punishment and what the circumstances were for a person to receive capital punishment. We then each got a partner from the other side and did sort of a mini debate with that person. Once we did that for a little we all gathered in our sides. We then debated about each side. It was very interesting because Anthony, who didn’t believe in capital punishment, was going for it in this debate and was sort of sabotaging what they were saying by how it was good to kill people. Even though there was sort of humor floating around when we were debating it was a very interesting debate and was very interesting to see each side.

The most previous debate we had was about the US involvement in Libya. We broke up into sides, one where the people believed that we shouldn’t have involved ourselves in the situation, and the other where it was a good idea to help a country in need. This could have been a very interesting debate but, not very many people did research and it ended up where one side was saying that it was a good idea because the country needed help then the other side not really saying anything and it ended in about five minutes. I think that the main reason this debate didn’t go well was because people didn’t research their topic, I believe it could have been a very interesting topic and we could have gotten many different points of view but alas, there was no research done and it flopped.

Great Artists Reflection

This year will definitely be a most memorable Great Artist year. Yes because it was different from all the rest and because this was also the last Great Artists for us graduating eighth graders. This year was also a different year for us because in the younger years, teachers would decide our artist for us. And in closer years, we would argue for days on what artist we wanted to do an not everyone would be happy. This year, we decided to skip all that fuss and go with something that made everyone happy; that you got to choose your own artist and portray their art anyway you wanted.

For my artist, I chose a abstract artist who’s name is Charlotte Wensley. People kept on asking me if I found her art by looking at a gallery a long time ago. But the truth of the matter is, I just found her because when I wanted an artist, and I knew that if I tried to do any like faces of people that I would mess it up. So i decided that the best way to not have to worry about that is just sticking with an absract artist. How I found her though, was just this simple way, I searched “Abstract Artists” on Google. Went to the first couple of pages. One of them had a long list of some artists with a picture of one of their paintings. And when I was scrolling through, I saw her art and it looked very interesting to me and decided I would want to re-create it. Also just sort of an interesting fact, was that when I was scrolling through I went by the artist that Trevor decided to do for his artist.

Charlotte Wensleys art was sort of an abstract landscape if anything. When she painted, she would sort of make these little hills and these sticks with circles on the top which I felt represented a tree or maybe even a person on the hill. My first thought when I saw this was it was a realistic landscape painting but then simplified down enough where you loose all detail like leaves or blades of grass and make it just sort of a blend. That’s what her artwork was, it wasn’t messy, it just transition from one color to the next. Like when I saw many of her paintings I thought that they looked like some people watching the sunset. Or that it was just someone looking up into the night and the sky would be blue-ish and then go to black and back.

When I first started once I started thinking about how I was actually going to paint this art, I figured out that I didn’t really have any experience blending colors or transitioning from one color to another. So that’s what I started with, just getting some blue and green paint and start with some paper and paint a little green then little by little add some blue to it till you find sort of a middle combination of both colors than did the same to other side but had blue and added some green. It was a very interesting process and was actually quite fun and figured out a lot about shading. I also tried making the shading go in sort of a circle where the outer part would be yellow then turn to sort of orange and then get red.

So how we set up our room this year was a little difficult. All the other classes had one artist and they could base their room on what their artist did like the Seventh Graders were doing Sister Corita Kent as their artist and they set their room up very colorfully because that is what she tended to do with her art. For us we just sort of set it up where we had most of the walls covered with black butcher paper and we just hung our art on there. We also had a few tables where some art was laid down and even Tati’s art was hanging from the ceiling.

Even though this was a completely different year because we each chose different artists and each did different amounts of art (Max created a lot of art where I only created a few paintings) but, in the end it all came together and looked great. I thought that it was a really good way to go out, with a bang and it definitely looked good.

Here is the Witch prank that was pulled by Max, Charlie and I and was directed at the 7th graders. If you want the whole story, go to the site where the video is and its in the description.